Walking in Faith

Walking in Faith (2014)

A new collection for 2014 suitable for children and adults of all ages!
18 songs for Gathering, Offertory, Eucharist, Sending Forth, Holy Spirit, Evangelisation and Mission.

Selected instrumental tracks included. Music book available.
** Updated version of Yes Lord I Believe also included**

Track listing

  1. Walking in Faith
  2. Everybody Gather As One
  3. Come Gather
  4. Gather As One in Jesus’ Name
  5. Jesus This Day Gather Us
  6. Come O Holy Spirit
  7. O Lord We Come to You
  8. Father Today
  9. We Bring These Gifts
  10. Come Into My Heart
  11. Through this Gift of Love
  12. Come Do This in Memory of Me
  13. Take This and Eat
  14. Called to Change the World
  15. Firm in the Faith
  16. Proclaim the Word
  17. Open the Doors to Christ
  18. God’s Grace
  19. Yes Lord I Believe