The Journey Of “Into The World”



In December 2021 I started researching and planning for a new album.  I asked school communities, churches and colleagues what were the areas in which they see a need for more material and music for youth and young adults.  There were also a couple areas I was keen to include on the new album and with my eldest daughter getting married later in 2022-I did see a need for a new contemporary, pop, Christian wedding song.

Where to Start?

Always the hardest part-where do you start?  Well for me it is taking time to be still and dream-most often near the ocean or, one of my favourite spots on Sydney harbour.  A place where I can think without interruption and away from the distraction of phones and emails.

I started with a list of possible song names, Scripture and ideas-these continued to change and morph into a song listing.  Once this is done, I started exploring each idea further and jotting down some initial words.  For me I often write the lyrics first with a tune in mind-but open to changes.  Next,I picked up my guitar and tried to replicate the tunes I had in my head.  Then it was a quick iPhone demo to capture the idea and come back to it later to refine, review and re write.

Songs Evolving

All songs evolve and you need to be prepared to do this especially if you are working with others on a particular song.  I find great joy and creativity in working with others-for me a song is always better when it brings together the ideas two artists and their ideas.  I have been blessed to work with some incredibly talented artists on this album, Phil Anquetil, Gary Pinto, and my producer Stephen Leiweke.

Getting the Lyrics Right

This is always a challenge when writing praise and worship and liturgical music. Once the lyrics were written I shared them with trusted colleagues and experts who reviewed them and provided me with feedback.  This resulted in several text changes….for the better!


Why did I go to Nashville to record this album? Firstly, to work with producer Stephen Leiweke. Stephen produced my “All Are Welcome Here” album and through his guidance has helped me to grow as a songwriter, artist, and musician.  His production, and team of musicians is incredible, and he invests totally in your project to make it the very best it can be.  Secondly, I like the intensive, collaborative, and focused approach Stephen facilitates at Yackland studio in Nashville.  You work together as a team, you stay in the studio complex, and you live and breathe your album as it goes from a basic demo to a world class produced collection of songs.

I’m proud of this new collection of songs and hope you enjoy them to as we are called to go “Into the World.”