Share John Burland's MP3 songs or videos on school premises.

A John Burland School Intranet Licence allows a school to load music onto the school server so that all teachers can locate music on a central server. This allows John’s music and resources to be shared over multiple devices within the school community.

All resources uploaded need to have been purchased by the school. For copyright reasons there must be a licence to cover this arrangement.

How it works:

  • This licence includes all the music of John Burland.
  • Music can only be uploaded to a school server, drive or cloud if the original music is owned by the school.
  • Existing licence holders will automatically receive a renewal.
  • This licence is payable via credit card, PayPal, or direct debit and is renewed automatically annually.
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School Intranet Licence

$0.00 / Year For 1 Year

  • Selections

    School intranet licence



    1 school year

Important Clarification for Australian Schools

Your One Licence, APRA-AMCOS, and CCLI Schools licence DOES NOT allow the storage or sharing of John Burland audio recordings of songs (CD or mp3s) or video clips (DVDs) via your school intranet across classrooms or through multiple audio/visual devices such as iPads or iPods.

A John Burland School Intranet licence is the only licence which covers school intranet uploading/ storage and sharing of John’s music and DVDs.

*** Sydney Catholic Schools are currently granted this licence at NO cost***