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Please read our full terms and conditions below

This payment will provide your school community access to John Burland’s music on the school’s shared drive or intranet. The licence agreement is from January 1 to 31 December for one year duration.  Schools must ensure they have a copy of each CD. The server or intranet must be password protected. Your school will be invoiced at the beginning of each year to use this resource.

We will, of course, use reasonable endeavours to supply the Service to you. However, despite our efforts, the Service may not be continuous, accessible at all times, or fault free, and we may, at any time, discontinue the Service. Also, events beyond our control might affect the Service, and you agree that we’re not responsible for any effects of those events.

From time to time, we need to be able to change these Terms or fee to reflect our changing business. We may change these Terms at any time by posting the changed terms on our website   Any change in the Terms will not affect the provisions of any pre-existing agreement for the acquisition of the Service from us. Also, prices may change at any time. We will charge you the price that applies and is displayed at the time you purchase the licence.

As with many services we provide, you must pay the charges specified for your licence.  If you do not wish to continue this service, John Burland’s music must be removed from the intranet and / or shared drive.


Your One License, APRA-AMCOS, and CCLI Schools licence DOES NOT allow the storage or sharing of John Burland audio recordings of songs (CD or mp3s) or video clips (DVDs)  via your school intranet across classrooms or through multiple audio/visual devices such as iPads or iPods. 

A John Burland School Intranet licence is the only licence which covers school intranet uploading/storage and sharing of John’s music and DVDs.