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From the collection “All Are Welcome Here”, is a song of comfort for those experiencing grief or loss of a loved one, which
reaffirms our belief that we pass this way briefly on our journey to be with God our Father in eternal life and love. A few weeks before I was due to depart on my UK tour, Rebecca, a young member of staff from the office in Sydney, tragically passed away. Rebecca’s love for God and witness to the Gospel showed through in everything she did-particularly her dealings with people. I attended Rebecca’s funeral a few days before I was to fly to the UK. The service was beautiful and attended by many hundreds of family and friends. As I came out of the Church that day, I was standing on the steps looking down on a sea of people in front of me and around me. I could feel the raw emotion and the overpowering grief, but I could also feel such a strong sense of faith and hope that through our belief Rebecca was now be home in the arms of her Father who loved her and she loved so faithfully.

The audio mp3 for the song “You Are Home” from the collection “All Are Welcome Here”.