One Family

One Family (2002)

One Family is a new collection of songs by John Burland specifically written for school/parish communities to assist in the celebration of our faith.

One Family includes three new School Songs, School Prayer, Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be to the Father, Sign of the Cross, Responsorial Psalms, Gospel Acclamation, Lenten Gospel Acclamation, Song for the Sign of Peace, Grandparents Song, Graduation Song and other songs of Celebration.

One Family (double CD) contains 18 new tracks and all 18 backing tracks.

Track listing

  1. We Welcome You To This Place
  2. One Family
  3. Walk In Jesus’ Way
  4. Christ Our Light
  5. Our School-This Special Place
  6. School Prayer
  7. Hail Mary
  8. Our Father
  9. Glory Be To The Father
  10. Sign Of The Cross
  11. I Will Praise You Lord
  12. Sing To God With Shouts Of Joy!
  13. Alleluia
  14. Glory and Praise To You Lord Jesus Christ
  15. My Peace Be With You Always
  16. Deep In My Heart
  17. Happy Birthday Twist
  18. It’s Not Goodbye