Move! Pray! Celebrate!

Move! Pray! Celebrate! (2007)

Move! Pray! Celebrate! is an excellent instructional resource for Religious Educators. It contains 18 songs which cover a variety of themes such as Gathering God’s Love Christmas, Easter Mary , the Sacraments, Justice and many others. The DVD clearly demonstrates the accompanying movements to all 18 songs and includes four songs being demonstrated within a group situation by children and young adults.

Study Guide is also included with this DVD which identifies for each song, a recommended age group, Scripture references, questions for preparation and follow up, and ideas for further developing each movement.

music CD containing all of the songs from the DVD is also available.

Track listing

  1. Gather Together
  2. Gathered As One
  3. I’m So Special
  4. God’s Love Is
  5. Yes Lord I Believe!
  6. Spirit Be With Us
  7. Come to the Table
  8. Do This In Memory of Me
  9. Coming Back Together
  10. My Shepherd
  11. Heal Us Lord
  12. Mary A Woman of Faith
  13. Christmas Star
  14. Jesus’ Lullaby
  15. He Is Risen Alleluia!
  16. New Life
  17. One Family
  18. Raise Your Voice For Justice