Lyrics and PowerPoints

PowerPoint Presentations

John has made available over 180 PowerPoint presentations of his songs.  The best way to access them is through this link to a Google Drive this stores all the PPTs.


Download lyrics from John’s albums. Lyrics are provided on separate PDFs and are bundled together into ZIP files for each album. Click on the album name to download the ZIP file.

ARISE– Arise and Go Out, Jesus Light of the World, Arise, Lift Me Up, Alleluia to the King

All Are Welcome Here– I Believe, Now Go, All Are Welcome Here, Lord Bless Me on This Day, Firm in the Faith, Holy Lord is Your Name, God Reigns, Love Came to Earth, We Sing for Freedom, You Are Home

Lord Teach Me Your Ways — Gathered As One, A Song of Praise, Lord Teach Me Your Ways, Raise Your Voice for Justice, Mary a Woman of Faith, These Ashes, Hosanna! Shout Hosanna!, Serving Each Other, Come Do This in Memory of Me, Lord By Your Cross, He Is Risen Alleluia!, We Bring These Gifts, Come To The Table, Mary Help of Christians, Anthem, Mother Mary of The Cross, Kyrie, Gloria, Gospel Acclamation, Holy Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, Lamb of God

Merciful Like the Father – Merciful Like the Father, God of Mercy, Come Back, Reconcile

Songs for the Journey — School Song, Father Today, We Bring To You, All God’s Gifts, We Are God’s Children, God Loves Me, Jesus My Friend First, The Gifts Of The Spirit, All God’s ANIMALS, Take Care Of Me, Talking To God

Let’s Celebrate — Saying Yes, Choices, Joseph’s Song, New Life, Easter Song, Risen Today, A Song for Mum, Mary Our Mother, Mary Mother of God, Carry Me on Your Shoulders, Happy Birthday Jesus, Christmas Time, Within My Heart, Celebration Our Father

Let’s Celebrate Too! — We Come Together, Gather Together, The Path To You, Let’s Celebrate Now, I’m So Special, God’s Love Is…, God’s Family, People Who Love Me, I Believe, Making A Difference, Children Of The World, Go Now, The Wonder Of God, Life’s A Celebration

Sacred Moments — Water of Life, Spirit Be With Us, Light Of Christ, Sail On, The Potter, God Will Always Walk With You, Jubilee Song, The Gifts Of The Spirit, Anthem (Towards 2005), Right By My Side

Celebrating the Sacraments — We Welcome You Into Our Church, Within This Community, Yes Lord I Believe!, Celebrating In The Spirit, Pentecost Song, Holy Spirit Live In Us, The Gift of Love, Share This Meal With Me, Do This In Memory of Me, My Shepherd, Coming Back Together, Heal Us Lord, From Today, We Have Been Called, With Faith

One Family — We Welcome You To This Place, One Family, Walk In Jesus’ Way, Christ Our Light, Our School-This Special Place, School Prayer, Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be To The Father, Sign Of The Cross, I Will Praise You Lord, Sing To God With Shouts Of Joy!, Alleluia, Glory and Praise To You Lord Jesus Christ, My Peace Be With You Always, Deep In My Heart, Happy Birthday Twist, It’s Not Goodbye

Christmas Star — The Promise (Part 1), The Promise (Part 2), Mary O Blessed One, Joseph’s Song, Walk On To Bethlehem, No Room For You Tonight, Jesus’ Lullaby, Glory To Our God, Christmas Star, Halleluiah, Christmas Time, Christmas Is The Time

Move! Pray! Celebrate! — Gather Together, Gathered As One, I’m So Special, God’s Love Is, Yes Lord I Believe!, Spirit Be With Us, Come to the Table, Do This In Memory of Me, Coming Back Together, My Shepherd, Heal Us Lord, Mary A Woman of Faith, Christmas Star, Jesus’ Lullaby, He Is Risen Alleluia!, New Life, One Family, Raise Your Voice For Justice

God Loves Me — God Loves Me!, We Praise You God, The Trinity, The Holy Spirit, Hello Jesus, The Church, My Ten Commandments, Love Like Jesus Did, CHOICES, The Seven Sacraments, Belonging Through Baptism, Come Share This Meal, I’m Sorry, Building God’s Kingdom, Mary You Said Yes to God, Act Justly, Hail Mary, Our Father, Sign of the Cross

Songs of Mary — Hail Mary Full of Grace, Mary a Woman of Faith, Mary O Blessed One, Mary You Said Yes to God, Mary our Mother, Hail Mary, Mary Help of Christians, Mary Mother of God,  Mother I Come to You

And With Your Spirit — And With Your Spirit, Through My Fault, When We Praise You, We Glorify You, Glory to God, Incarnate One, Yes Lord I Believe, It Is Right and Just, Holy Lord God of Hosts, We Proclaim Your Death O Lord, Saviour of the World, The Supper of the Lamb, Under My Roof

Alive in Christ-Songs of Scripture — Abraham, Alive in Christ, Come and Follow Me, God Created You and Me, God is so Big, Have you Ever Seen a Mustard Seed, He Lives, Healing Grace, His Laws Make us Free, Holy Spirit, How Awesome is your Name, How Many Times Lord, I Am the Way, Jesus Heals, Least of My Brothers, Love God, Manna in the Desert, Mantra 1, Mantra 2, Mary Magdalene, Mary O Blessed One, Mary’s Song of Praise, New Jerusalem, Serving Each Other, Take This and Eat, That You May Live , The Baptism of Jesus, The Beatitudes, The Blind Man, The Good Samaritan, The Great Commandment, The Great Feast, The Great I AM, The Holy Family, The Prodigal Son, The Rich Young Man, Upon this Rock, Walk With Your God, Where are you Adam, Youv’e Got to Love Them, Zaccheaus

Walking in Faith — Walking in Faith, Everybody Gather As One, Come Gather, Gather As One in Jesus’ Name, Jesus This Day Gather Us, Come O Holy Spirit, O Lord We Come to You, Father Today, We Bring These Gifts, Come Into My Heart, Through this Gift of Love, Come Do This in Memory of Me, Take This and Eat, Called to Change the World, Firm in the Faith, Proclaim the Word, Open the Doors to Christ, God’s Grace, Yes Lord I Believe