God Loves Me

God Loves Me (2008)

A collection of 20 energising and engaging new songs that support catechetical themes such as RevelationTrinityJesus Christthe ChurchMoralitySacraments and Social Justice. These songs are suitable for children from 4 to 12 years of age and presented in a variety of musical styles. The collection also includes quiet reflective music for meditative prayer and songs to assist in the teaching and learning of formal prayer with young children.

**Selected backing tracks are also included on the CD.

Track listing

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  1. God Loves Me! (Revelation)
  2. We Praise You God (Revelation)
  3. The Trinity (Trinity)
  4. The Holy Spirit (Trinity)
  5. Hello Jesus (Jesus Christ)
  6. The Church (The Church)
  7. My Ten Commandments (Morality)
  8. Love Like Jesus Did (Morality)
  9. CHOICES (Morality)
  10. The Seven Sacraments (Sacraments)
  11. Belonging Through Baptism (Sacraments /Baptism)
  12. Come Share This Meal (Sacraments /Eucharist)
  13. I’m Sorry (Sacraments/Reconciliation)
  14. Building God’s Kingdom (Kingdom of God)
  15. Mary You Said Yes to God (Mary)
  16. Act Justly (Social Justice)
  17. Reflection Music
  18. Hail Mary – Traditional Prayer
  19. Our Father – Traditional Prayer
  20. Sign of the Cross – Traditional Prayer