Christmas Star

Christmas Star (2003)

Christmas Star by John Burland is a collection of songs and narration based closely on the Scriptures that assists in retelling the events leading up to and including the birth of Jesus Christ.

Accompanying the double CD is a Music/Resource Book containing:

  • full piano accompaniment
  • guitar chords
  • overhead lyric masters
  • Scripture references for each song
  • narration.

Also included in the Music/Resource Book are support materials developed by Educator Lisa Gossling, that offer a selection of strategies to assist in preparing and presenting Christmas Star within parish/school communities.

Click on a sing title for lyrics and more!

Track listing

  1. Overture
  2. The Promise (Part 1)
  3. The Promise (Part 2)
  4. Mary O Blessed One
  5. Joseph’s Song
  6. Walk On To Bethlehem
  7. No Room For You Tonight
  8. Jesus’ Lullaby
  9. Glory To Our God
  10. Christmas Star
  11. Halleluiah
  12. Christmas Time
  13. Christmas Is The Time
  14. Narration Background MusicInstrumental background tracks
  15. The Promise (Part 1)
  16. The Promise (Part 2)
  17. Mary O Blessed One
  18. Joseph’s Song
  19. Walk On To Bethlehem
  20. No Room For You Tonight
  21. Jesus’ Lullaby
  22. Glory To Our God
  23. Christmas Star
  24. HalleluiahDisc 2 has 22 live performance tracks retelling the Christmas Story through song and narration