And With Your Spirit

And With Your Spirit – Songs for Deepening Children’s Understanding of the Mass (2011)

And With Your Spirit
 is a collection of catechetical songs that assist in deepening children’s understanding of the Mass and its revised texts. It can be used for Sacrament preparation, religious education in parishes and schools, and in the home. The collection includes Scripture and Catechism of the Catholic Church references for each song, a variety of musical styles, instrumental backing tracks and the voices of children.

It addresses the following Mass parts:

  • Greeting/Sign of Peace/Concluding Rite
  • Penitential Act
  • Gloria
  • Profession of Faith
  • Eucharistic Prayer Dialogue
  • Sanctus
  • Acclamation of Faith 1
  • Acclamation of Faith 3
  • Lamb of God

A CD and Music Book are available.

NB: These songs are catechetical and are NOT appropriate to be used as an alternate Mass Setting during Eucharistic Celebrations.

Track listing

  1. And With Your Spirit
  2. Through My Fault
  3. When We Praise You
  4. We Glorify You
  5. Glory to God
  6. Incarnate One
  7. Yes Lord I Believe
  8. It Is Right and Just
  9. Holy Lord God of Hosts
  10. We Proclaim Your Death O Lord
  11. Saviour of the World
  12. The Supper of the Lamb
  13. Under My Roof
  14. And With Your Spirit (Acoustic Version)Instrumental Backing Tracks
  15. And With Your Spirit – Instrumental
  16. Through My Fault – Instrumental
  17. When We Praise You – Instrumental
  18. We Glorify You – Instrumental
  19. Glory to God – Instrumental
  20. Yes Lord I Believe – Instrumental
  21. It Is Right and Just – Instrumental
  22. Holy Lord God of Hosts – Instrumental
  23. We Proclaim Your Death O Lord – Instrumental
  24. Saviour of the World – Instrumental
  25. The Supper of the Lamb – Instrumental
  26. Under My Roof – Instrumental