All Are Welcome Here

All Are Welcome Here (2019)

“All Are Welcome Here” was released in March 2019. This music continues in the tradition of faith that many have come to love and recognize in John’s music, yet branches out creatively in his expression of worship as an artist. This new venture led him to Nashville, Tennessee, where he teamed up with producer Stephen Lewieke at Yackland Studio to create a powerful expression of praise and worship. The result is an album of 10 faith-filled songs with a message of truth and celebration that is sure to span generations, as they proclaim that “all are welcome here in the house of the Lord.”

Track Listing

  1. I Believe (Feat. Gen Bryant)
  2. Now Go
  3. All Are Welcome Here
  4. Lord Bless Me on This day
  5. Firm in the Faith
  6. Holy Lord is Your name
  7. God reigns
  8. Love Came to Earth
  9. We Sing for Freedom
  10. You Are Home

11-20 Instrumental versions